Focus Groups / Mock Trials

Pre-trial research

Attorneys most often spend months if not years working on a case before it comes to trial.  During that time, they spend countless hours talking with other attorneys and consulting with experts about the issues in their case.  If only the jury were made up of attorneys and experts ….

There is always value in previewing a case to a group of “real people” who resemble the actual jury who is likely to hear a case.  This is most frequently accomplished in the form of focus groups or summary trials (mock trials).

Denise works with attorneys to determine which format, or combination of formats, is most effective and efficient in accomplishing the pretrial research goals of a particular case.

Focus groups and summary trials certainly can be very elaborate and expensive – but they do not have to be. While it is preferable to hear from as many “mock jurors” as is feasible, a single focus group can be very informative, and can be accomplished without breaking the bank.

Denise supervises the coordination and preparation of the pretrial research, and personally attends and facilitates the focus groups or  summary trials.  Following the pretrial research exercises, Denise prepares a report that includes a summary of the feedback from the participants, as well as recommendations for jury selection and trial strategy.



“We have worked extensively with Denise de La Rue in connection with class and other complex litigation. She is sophisticated, smart, practical, budget – sensitive and a lot of fun to boot. Her work always pays huge dividends for us and our clients in connection with our risk assessment and trial preparation.”Shelby Grubbs - (Miller & Martin, Nashville)
"Denise has conducted focus groups for our firm for many years and in each case she significantly improved our trial strategy. To win your case you have to answer the one big question: What will the jury really think about my case? Denise is an exceptional jury consultant and she can answer that question. Don’t go to trial without her."Edward E. Strain, III - (Cathey & Strain, Atlanta)
"I have worked with Ms. de La Rue on several cases. She was an asset to have on a case with great instinct and knowledge."Martin S. Pinales - (Strauss & Troy, Cincinnati)
"Denise’s talent in providing assistance to trial lawyers is unsurpassed … No one is better. She is the person that I want at my side."Ed Garland - (Garland Samual and Loeb, Atlanta)
'Her advice on questions to ask during the voir dire process has produced discussions among jurors that Judges have referred to as remarkable."Jeffrey Robinson - (Schroeter Goldmark Bender, Seattle)
"Denise is a truly gifted trial consultant who can and does make a real difference in a case. I’d hire her in a flat half second."Judy Clarke - (Clarke & Rice, San Diego)
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