Witness Preparation

In many social science surveys in which people are asked to name their number one fear, the number one answer is “public speaking.”

Even more than death or poisonous snakes, many people fear speaking in front of others.

Perhaps lawyers don’t consider witness testimony to be “public speaking” but many witnesses do.  This fear may be exacerbated for a criminal defendant, a person seeking a divorce and/or custody of children, or a party to a civil case who has a lot to gain or lose.

Often there are things that must be addressed with a client, key witness or even expert witness, that would be very difficult for the trial lawyer to do without damaging the working relationship.

It can be helpful to have a professional, who is not the trial lawyer prepare a witness or client for trial or deposition testimony.

Being a lawyer herself, Denise understands the rules of evidence, what issues can be addressed in testimony, dangerous areas of testimony that may “open the door” to otherwise excluded damaging evidence – and most importantly the attorney-client relationship.  She also understands that clients and witnesses are not actors, nor should they strive to be.  Jurors value sincerity, and abhor imposters.  Denise works tirelessly with witnesses to bring forward and present the best genuine and authentic testimony that they can offer to the jury.



“We have worked extensively with Denise de La Rue in connection with class and other complex litigation. She is sophisticated, smart, practical, budget – sensitive and a lot of fun to boot. Her work always pays huge dividends for us and our clients in connection with our risk assessment and trial preparation.”Shelby Grubbs - (Miller & Martin, Nashville)
"Denise has conducted focus groups for our firm for many years and in each case she significantly improved our trial strategy. To win your case you have to answer the one big question: What will the jury really think about my case? Denise is an exceptional jury consultant and she can answer that question. Don’t go to trial without her."Edward E. Strain, III - (Cathey & Strain, Atlanta)
"I have worked with Ms. de La Rue on several cases. She was an asset to have on a case with great instinct and knowledge."Martin S. Pinales - (Strauss & Troy, Cincinnati)
"Denise’s talent in providing assistance to trial lawyers is unsurpassed … No one is better. She is the person that I want at my side."Ed Garland - (Garland Samual and Loeb, Atlanta)
'Her advice on questions to ask during the voir dire process has produced discussions among jurors that Judges have referred to as remarkable."Jeffrey Robinson - (Schroeter Goldmark Bender, Seattle)
"Denise is a truly gifted trial consultant who can and does make a real difference in a case. I’d hire her in a flat half second."Judy Clarke - (Clarke & Rice, San Diego)
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